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Exterior Surface Sanitizing Professionals For Safe, Clean Exterior Surfaces


These days, we know how important it is to regularly sanitize your surfaces. Our team at K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC is here for all your sanitizing needs, in and around the Pflugerville area. Our team of highly trained professionals is prepared to sanitize any exterior area, however often you need it sanitized. After all, Clorox wipes and Lysol sprays can only do so much for a larger exterior area - so if you have outdoor spaces and surfaces that are in need of sanitizing, K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC is here to help.

We offer sanitizing for any outdoor surface that is touched often throughout the day, including:

  • Park benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Parking meters
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Shopping carts
  • Stairways and railings
  • And more!

We can use our sanitation tools to clean any outdoor surface that you may need to be sanitized. Regularly sanitizing your outdoor areas is important for many reasons, including creating safe environments for your loved ones, as well as your employees or customers. Harmful contaminants and bloodborne pathogens can be found on a variety of surfaces that are touched often, which is why we strive to provide dependable sanitizing services for the Pflugerville area. Our team at K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC is here to help with any of your sanitizing needs.

If you're ready to have your outdoor surfaces professionally and thoroughly sanitized, give K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC a call at 512-758-4668, and we'll help keep you and your loved ones healthy - all throughout the year.

Why Exterior Surface Sanitizing Is Important

Exterior surface sanitizing is an important step towards staying healthy throughout the year, but especially during the cold season, flu season, and the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our pressure washing team strives to provide high-quality and trustworthy sanitizing to any of your outdoor surfaces, so that you can relax in confidence and not worry about you or your loved ones getting sick.

Along with our sanitizing services, K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC also offers:

  • Pool cleaning
  • Pavement cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • And more!

So don't wait, call our team today at 512-758-4668 for the best quality pressure washing in Pflugerville. Our team at K&S Ultra Clean Pressure Washing LLC will help make sure your exterior surfaces are clean of all germs!

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